Wes's Online Bridge Classes

Noncompetitive Suit Auctions

I am going to run a series of classes reviewing basic bidding. This is ideal for newer players who could use a more in-depth look at bidding fundamentals, as well as more experienced players who want a review of the basics.

First up: a 7-week program reviewing non-competitive suit auctions. This series will look at auctions that start with 1 of a suit when the opponents do not compete.

This is intended as a series of 7 classes, but each class will stand alone; you can attend individual parts if you want.

Each class will be 90 minutes (instead of my usual 60), in order to have more time for practice. I will also hold some additional practice sessions for those who want more practice.

Each class is $15, or $90 for the entire series (buy 6, get 1 free!)

This class will be taught ONLINE, using the Zoom web conferencing system and my online bidding practice website. I will send connection info to all participants.

You do NOT need a partner. I will match up people as needed. (But if you do have a partner, let me know and I will put you together.)

Here's the Class Schedule:

(All classes are Mondays from 1:00 to 2:30 PM.)

Date Topic
Monday, January 9 Hand evaluation, opening bids, major suit raises
Monday, January 16 Responding to 1 of a Major
Monday, January 23 Responding to 1 of a Minor
Monday, January 30 Opener Rebids after a 1NT response
Monday, February 6 Opener Rebids after a minor suit raise
Monday, February 13 Opener Rebids after a new suit response
Monday, February 20 Opener Reverses

Practice Sessions

For those wanting additional practice, I am scheduling some extra practice sessions on Wednesdays at 1:00 PM. These are 1-hour sessions, and are practice only, no lecture part. Cost for these sessions is $10 each.

Date Topic
Wednesday, January 11 Major suit raises
Wednesday, January 18 NONE
Wednesday, January 25 Responding to 1 of a Suit
Wednesday, February 1 NONE
Wednesday, February 8 NONE
Wednesday, February 15 Opener Rebids
Wednesday, February 22 Opener Reverses

To sign up for these classes, email me at bridge@wespowers.com.